Tinder is making its usual pay-to - use feature free

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Tinder is making its usual pay-to - use feature free

In April, Tinder has made its usual pay-to-use Passport feature free for all users.

With Tinder Passport, the global dating app lets users set their location in any ZIP code or city they want, so they can connect with singles throughout the US or abroad without leaving their home.

The popular app will make this feature free until April 30, which should help users escape to a different reality or find a fantasy fling, reads Tinder's press release.

TINDER WILL ADD BACKGROUND-CHECKING FEATURE TO SCREEN DATES FOR VIOLENT CRIMES, OFFENSES Last year, Tinder temporarily gave its Passport feature away when the lockdown orders were first implemented around the world for the COVID- 19 Pandemic.

This time round, Tinder says its free passport feature should be able to defy the travel bug that its users are feeling until they get their vaccine passport. We saw such overwhelming adoption of Passport the first time around because people were desperate for connection, said Udi Milo, vice president of product development at Tinder.

One year later, we expect different adoption for a similar reason: possibility. We 're all eager to close this chapter of our lives, but we 're still at home. Tinder Passport lets us dream about what it would be like to travel, meet new people and make plans again. Mostly, users of social media have lauded the return of Tinder's Passport feature on TikTok and Twitter.

Others went a step further to share their experiences and document locations they think have the best matches.

However, the dating app compiled its own list of the 10 most popular cities among Passport users.


In the U.S., Miami and New York City were in the top two spots, while Los Angeles secured the fifth spot.

Tokyo, London, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Moscow round out the rest of the top 10 lists. When Tinder's Passport feature is n't free, users have to purchase a Plus, Gold or Platinum subscription to get access to matches outside their geolocation.

FOR MORE FOX BUSINESS INFORMATION PLEASE CLICK HERE According to the Healthy Framework of Dating and Relationships, Tinder has varied price structures for users under or above 30 years old.

Depending on the Premium subscription tier chosen, a monthly or annual Tinder subscription can cost anywhere from$ 2.33 to$ 149.99.

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