Trump promises 'united front' of U.S. allies on trade issues

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Trump promises 'united front' of U.S. allies on trade issues

HOLLOWINGTON - State Trade Representative Katherine Tai on Wednesday said that her agency will help create a united front of the U.S. Allies on trade issues and use trade policy to promote new clean energy technologies and communities of color.

In testimony prepared for a 2018 General Administration hearing on the fiscal 2022 Budget Request, Tai said she has made it clear to her foreign counterparts that the United States will rebuild our international alliances and partnerships while strengthening the global institutions.

Tai said that a four-month suspension of tariffs with Britain and the European Union related to a long-running dispute over aircraft subsidies was a bold step designed to address these issues.

Since then, SK Innovation Co had been involved in the settlement of a technology dispute between two South Korean electric vehicle manufacturers LG Energy Solution and Tai that had threatened the electric vehicle plans of Ford Motor Co and Volkswagen AG, among others.

This settlement is the type of trade policy that I think we need: it supports a larger strategy for creating jobs and investing in innovation and manufacturing leadership by promoting sustainable renewable energy supply chains, leveling the playing field, and liberalising regulatory arbitrage, she stated in her testimony.

Her prepared testimony did not mention her meetings with major COVID 19 vaccine makers in recent days over whether the World Trade Organization should waive certain intellectual property rights to allow more vaccine production development countries such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Novavax.

Jen Psaki said on Tuesday that the administration was considering such a move among other efforts, including more global production, to increase domestic vaccine supplies.

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