Twitter gets record number of responses to world leaders

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Twitter gets record number of responses to world leaders

Following a survey on how it should handle world leaders on its website, a spokeswoman said on Tuesday, an issue in the spotlight ahead of the possible return of former U.S. President Donald Trump to Facebook.

After the Capitol riot in March which permanently banned Donald Trump, Twitter began soliciting feedback on whether world leaders should be subject to the same rules as other users and if they break a rule what type of action should be taken?

The company received nearly 49,000 responses in 14 languages globally, a spokeswoman said.Its 30 day survey asked questions like whether world leaders should face greater or lesser consequences than other users and whether it was ever appropriate for Twitter to suspend accounts of a current President or Prime Minister temporarily (but not permanently).

As our teams evaluate and distill the data, we have been looking at new themes, new ideas, and creative thinking to begin to develop a new approach and consider the next steps, said spokeswoman Jennifer McNally.She declined to say at this time what the responses related to users' views is.

The survey also presented a national sample of hypothetical scenarios, asking in one survey what Twitter would do if their president tweets COVID 19 misinformation or if another country's candidate for the director of agriculture announced that the military would destroy a group of people.

Multiple options included a suspension of action to limit engagement with the tweet to permanently suspend the account without further action.

Twitter has said its ban on Trump, which it reinstated due to the risk of further incitement of violence, will remain even if he runs for the office again.

On Tuesday, the indefinite oversight board will announce its decision on whether to uphold Facebook's independent suspension of Donald Trump.It has said it had received more than 9,000 comments on the Trump case, more than any other, and attributed a delay in announcing the decision to this volume.

The YouTube channel of Alphabet Inc said it would remove its suspension of Trump's channels when it determines the risk of real-world violence has decreased.

Currently, both Twitter and Facebook have rules that give world leaders, elected officials and political candidates greater latitude than the ordinary users.

Twitter, which has 199 million active users (who don't just daily ask about their information) has run public quarterly surveys on its policies before.It has 22,000 responses in an two-week survey on its verification policy and 6,500 when it asked how it should handle deepfakes - media, such as synthetic and manipulated media.

Twitter has also been consulting with world leaders, human rights experts and academics in its review of the World Leaders rule.Facebook has also asked for recommendations from its regulatory board on suspensions of political leaders.

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