U.S. appeals court dismisses complaint against 1 - 800 Contacts

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WASHINGTON, June 11 - A U.S. Appeals Court on Friday dismissed a complaint involving 1 - 800 contacts and ordered the agency, which enforces the antitrust law, to shut it down.

The agency filed a suit against 1 -- 800 Contacts in 2016 accusing it of violating agreements with other sellers that required them to refrain from advertising to consumers who had searched for 1 -- 800 Contacts online. In exchange, 1 to 800 contact lists agreed not to advertise to individuals who searched for the names of rivals.

The FTC said the agreements were unusual but 1 - 800 contacts disagreed and fought the agency in an administrative FTC process and a federal appeals court.

The company argued that the deals were aimed at protecting investments in establishing its trademark.

The 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in New York said the commission incorrectly concluded that the agreement is an unfair method of competition. It returned the case to the Commission with orders to dismiss the administrative complaint.

Maribeth Petrizzi, the acting Director of the Bureau of Competition of the FTC, said in a statement: We are disappointed in the ruling and we will be considering our options.

Reps of 1 - 800 Contacts did not immediately respond to a request for comment. - Eliminating food safety related disorders?

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