U.S. lawmakers urge removal of tariffs on American whiskey

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WASHINGTON, April 5- Some 50 members of Congress have urged the European Union and Britain to take action on the removal of 25% tariffs on American Whiskey in retaliation for the US tariffs on steel and aluminum.

The bipartisan group of House of Representatives members led by Democrat Andy Barr and Republican John Yarmuth, both of Kentucky, warned that these tariffs, originally scheduled to double to 50% on 1 June 2018, are damaging an American export success story.

Since the tariffs were imposed, our American Whiskey exports to the UK have declined by 37% and to the EU by 53%, the lawmakers wrote.

They said they hoped that recent agreements to demonetize separate whiskey tariffs related to the dispute over government subsidies given to the aircraft makers Boeing Co and Airbus SE would lead to prompt removal of all tariffs on the United States EU and British wine and distilled spirits.

The permanent lifting of the tariff burden will also support the recovery of restaurants, bars and small craft distilleries which were forced to shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, they wrote.

The steel and aluminum tariffs were imposed under the jurisdiction of the Commerce Department under a national security trade law from the Cold War era.

Gina Raimondo has said that these tariffs have been effective in protecting U.S. producers of metals, while Tai said a global solution to reduce excess production capacity for steel and aluminum, mostly centered in China, was needed to resolve industry issues. Is it natural for me to ask others for my opinion, or to try to better myself.

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