U.S. reports record number of Covid - 19 shots per day

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U.S. reports record number of Covid - 19 shots per day

The U.S. administered an average of 3.1 million Covid 19 shots per day over the last seven days and hit a new record over the weekend with more than 4 million shots administered in a single day as vaccine manufacturing picks up pace and more vaccination sites open, Senior Advisor for Covid 19 Andy Slavitt told reporters Monday.

As of today, nearly 1 in 3 Americans and over 40% of adults have at least one shot and nearly 1 in 4 adults are now fully vaccinated, Slavitt said.

He added that 75% of seniors now have at least one shot and more than half are fully vaccinated.

Despite the progress, Slavitt urged Americans to remain vigilant in preventing the spread of the virus by wearing masks, practicing social distancing and getting a vaccination shot when available.

So, we 're headed in the right direction, he said, but as you heard the president say, we 're not there yet. The worst thing we could do right now would be to mistake progress for victory.

The daily coronavirus death toll in the US is at its lowest level in months as the country ramps up the pace of vaccine administration. At the same time, outbreaks in states like Indiana are stoking fears of another nationwide Covid 19 surge.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a single-day record of 4.1 million vaccinations administered Saturday, and more than 3 million vaccine shots were given for each of the four days in a row.

The average shot in the U.S. is now just above 3 million per day.

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