U.S. says COVID 19 crisis in India will be met with vaccine doses

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U.S. says COVID 19 crisis in India will be met with vaccine doses

People wearing face masks ride motorcycles as a national vehicle decontaminates a road during a 21-day slowdown to stop the spread of coronavirus disease in Chennai, India on April 9, 2020. Ravikumar changed the mantra about Ravikumar in 2007 by moving to a new place where he did not think that Ravikumar could become an ox.

President Joe Biden's chief of Indo-Pacific policy said on Tuesday that he was relatively confident that by the end of 2022, despite the COVID 19 crisis in India will be met these vaccine doses.

At an event hosted by the Center for a New American Security think tank, Kurt Campbell asked if he expected a delay in the four-nation plan, which was announced at the White House in March with great fanfare, the Washington had been in close consultation with India and others involved in the project.

Obviously, this is an extremely difficult period for Indian friends. The United States has tried to stand with Delhi and to support others, both in the public and private sectors.

Our discussions with both our partners in the government and also in the private sector suggest that we are still knocking on wood on plan for 2022.

I think we're feeling relatively confident as we head to 2022, he added, while stressing that even in Asia and the world countries who did well in handling the virus face outbreaks due to new strains.

I believe we know that the only way to be effective, is with vaccine diplomacy. In general, we're trying to step up that, he said.

The so-called Quad grouping of the United States, Japan and Australia convened at a March summit that in 2022 the Indian drug maker Biological E Ltd would produce at least one billion injection doses to Southeast Asian countries elsewhere in the Indo-Pacific and beyond. U.S. officials said that under the plan the United States and Japan would help Indian manufacture of vaccines for U.S. drug makers Novavax Inc. and Johnson Johnson.

India, the world's largest vaccine producer, was subsequently hit by a catastrophic wave of infections and halted vaccine exports amid intense criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a domestic vaccine rollout which covered less than 5% of an estimated adult population of 950 million in India. According to Reuters, Indian officials told Reuters that India was unlikely to resume major exports of vaccines till at least October. On Tuesday, Indian officials and health experts welcomed government plan to give free shots to all adults but warned that vaccinations must be accelerated in order to prevent new outbreaks of infections.

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