U.S. to issue rule requiring healthcare employers to protect workers from COVID

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The U.S. workplace regulator will publish a rule on Thursday requiring healthcare employers to protect workers from COVID, told a congressional panel on Wednesday.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has also released non-binding guidance on how other companies can protect workers, Walsh told a hearing of the Education and Labor Committee of the United States House of Representatives.

During the Donald Trump Administration, OSHA rejected calls from workers, Democrats and industrial workers for a rule that would apply to most employers. Instead, the agency issued a series of different guidance documents tailored to non-binding industries.

Walsh did not reveal any other details of the rule of the rule. The guidance would apply to the treatment of workers who have not received the COVID-19 vaccines.

Walsh's announcement immediately drew rebukes from Republicans on the House Committee.

Rep. Tim Walberg, a Republican from Michigan, said that issuing a rule goes against recent guidance of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that said vaccinated people can go about their normal pre-pandemic lives largely.

I think the answer should be, let people go back to work in a normal fashion, said Walberg during the hearing, which was held via Zoom.

You like the signs of where we are headed, said Walsh. However, people are still getting infected and are continuing to die. As an example, let me just note that I have a hard time with the term "like" many people for.

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