Viden's goal of getting at least one shot is hitting roadblock

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Viden's goal of getting at least one shot is hitting roadblock

The vaccine marathon is hitting roadblocks. Incinerating vaccine rates are pushing President Biden's goal of getting at least one shot put into the arm of 60% of Americans by 4 July's hopes.

Lydia Hu expects to meet the deadline with less than a month to go, according to FOX Business. At the current average rate of 7 days vaccination rates, the U.S. could be around 10 million short of Biden's 160 million benchmark. The latest tally is 137.1 million, with 63.8% of adults receiving at least one shot.

The nationwide slowdown has legions of health workers and volunteers doing whatever it takes to get more people vaccinated — whether it's in stores, drive-thrus, railway stations or parks.

One pop-up vaccine clinic at the Grand Central Terminal is offering Johnson Johnson's one shot vaccinations to reach commuters going into Manhattan.

There's only one group out there that either work in a location where they don't have pharmacies or other large vaccination centers near them, Secretary of Safety and Security Patrick Warren told FOX Business. This gives them the opportunity as they come to work to get shot.

Warren said that it is the next tier of people whom officials are focusing on in order to achieve Herd Immunity Effect.

It's part of an effort to make these shots more exclusive in some unique places, Clara told FOX Business's Cavuto: Coast to Coast. Other vaccine endeavors led by public health officials have tapped into casinos, ballparks and abandoned shopping malls, among others.

Accessibility is just one issue that slows down the nationwide vaccination campaign. Vaccine holdouts are becoming a more common concern among health officials. A recent poll shows that about one-third of Americans have no immediate plans to get vaccinated anytime soon. Of those not planning to get vaccinated, 78% are unlikely to reconsider their plans, with 51% not likely at all to change their minds at all.

Concerns over side effects and misinformation are fuelling the hesitation.

To make matters worse, millions of Johnson Johnson vaccine doses are set to expire this month, which will mean hundreds of thousands of doses could go to waste.

Despite the drawbacks, 13 states have already met the 70% threshold, including Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, California and Washington. Only six states are still under 50% including Tennessee and Alabama.

If we are going to meet these national targets, that means all American adults who are open to getting a vaccine will have to get one, Hu said.

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