Volwagen to offer self-driving on pay-per - use basis

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Volwagen to offer self-driving on pay-per - use basis

FRANKFURT -- Volkswagen is considering offering autonomous driving on a pay-per-use basis, one of the brand board members said in a newspaper interview.

In the case of autonomous driving, we can imagine to offer it every hourly, said Klaus Zellmer, corporate manager at Volkswagen brand, told Die Welt.

We assume a price of around seven euros per hour. Cellmer added that if you do not want to drive yourself for three hours, you can pay 21 euros to get it done. The autonomous driving would become available for everyone else.

Carmakers are putting their hopes on software-related services for cars in a bid to generate new revenue streams, and argue that vehicles will become interconnected devices, much like smartphones.

Thomas Ulbrich plans to offer digital services to drivers of the new car registration from the second quarter of 2022. The Volkswagen brand was quoted as saying that a board member in charge of development at the Volkswagen brand was planning to offer digital services.

We are proactively booking offers such as mileage or performance enhancements for electric vehicles, which may be planned. Also, coordinating this with the regulators has already been.

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