World of Concrete returns as the largest convention in the world

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World of Concrete returns as the largest convention in the world

The World of Concrete returns to Las Vegas as the largest convention since the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Donna Ballentone, executive vice president of Informalities Markets, organized the event and said that it would serve as an example for the industry that conventions can once again be held in person.

We really feel like we're kind of kicking the shows off for the entire trade show industry, Edward Lawrence told FOX Business' Ballentone.

The trade show, one of the largest conventions in the world normally with 60,000 people, comes as the Nevada Governor increased the limit on large gatherings to 50 percent capacity.

All those attending shall be required to abide by the state's health and safety requirements, meaning that facial distancing and face coverings are necessary.

It also marks the beginning of a long-awaited revival of in-person events and trade shows.

Stephanie Glenzer, Senior Vice President of MGM Resorts, said she has been busier all over the past few weeks than any other in 2019.

Glenzer noted that this resurgence of conventions is good for the entire industry, not only Las Vegas.

It's very reassuring for all of us, not only Las Vegas itself, but as an entire industry, that companies see the value of getting together, she told Lawrence. They're committing to it, and they'll sign contracts for the future, which should make all of us feel really good.

The trade show Las Vegas Convention Center will be held on June 8-10 at the World of Concrete.

Ballentone said other events were scheduled throughout the globe within the next seven months.

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