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12.May.21 2:37 PM

German regulator orders online bank N 26 to put in place safeguards

N 26 says will work closely with commissioner BERlin, May 12 - German financial regulator BaFin has ordered online bank N 26 to put in place internal controls and safeguards to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, BaFin said on Wednesday.
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12.May.21 2:31 PM

Plan to start redevelopment of Greek airport site in autumn

ATHENS, May 12 - Lamda Development is hopeful that it can start one of Greece's biggest urban redevelopment plans in the autumn if it secures the property from the state next month, the group's top executive said on Wednesday.
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11.May.21 1:40 PM

Canada's dollar weakens ahead of U.S. inflation forecast

Canadian dollar weakens 0.2% against the greenback Loonie trades in a range of 1.2087 to 1.2125 Price of U.S. oil falls 1.8% Canadian 10 -year yield touches a six-day high at 1.753%
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11.May.21 1:25 PM

AstraZeneca shareholders approve CEO's pay proposal

May 11 - AstraZeneca investors on Tuesday approved Chief Executive Pascal Soriot's pay package proposal by a narrow margin after advisory groups said the rewards were excessive.
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11.May.21 1:17 PM

U.S. government should do more to protect banks from climate change: think tank

Washington, May 11 - The U.S. Federal Reserve and other bank regulators should force banks to hold more cash to guard against potential losses due to climate change and possible steps to fight it, one of Washington's top liberal think tanks said on Tuesday.
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04.May.21 7:04 PM

Twitter gets record number of responses to world leaders

Twitter Inc has received a record number of responses to a survey on how it should handle world leaders on its site, a spokeswoman said on Tuesday, an issue in the spotlight ahead of the possible return of former U.S. President Donald Trump to Facebook.
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30.Apr.21 4:30 PM

Fed rate drops for the first time this month

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