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28.Apr.21 6:26 PM

Top 25 places to buy a vacation home in the middle of the great outdoors

Consumers looking for a more permanent escape have been snatching up vacation homes in the middle of the great outdoors over the past year. As mortgage rates dropped across the board in 2020, homeowners were drawn to locations from Palm Springs, California, to Kissimmee, Florida:
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27.Apr.21 10:21 PM

Trump's Vornado Realty Trust to refinance $1. 2 B office tower debt

Vornado Realty Trust is looking to refinance debt on two office towers - one in San Francisco and one in New York - that it owns with Donald Trump, a move that could provide hundreds of millions of dollars to the former president's business.
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16.Apr.21 7:22 PM

Logan Paul moving from Los Angeles to Puerto Rico because of tax breaks

In February, the YouTube influencers Logan Paul announced to his 20 million podcast listeners that he was leaving Puerto Rico to move to Los Angeles. Floyd Mayweather, who is preparing for a high-profile boxing match with Paul later this year, said the move would be an opportunity to get locked in and
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01.Apr.21 2:00 PM

Mortgage rates in the U.S. go up for 7 straight week

More Mortgage rates in the U.S. increased for a seventh straight week. The average for a 30 - year loan was 3.18%, down from 3.17% last week and the highest since June, Freddie Mac data showed Thursday.