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04.May.21 3:02 PM

Sotheby's will start accepting cryptocurrency in its upcoming auction

Art lovers will soon be able to pay for Banksy in bitcoin and ether. Sotheby's auction house announced Tuesday it will start accepting both cryptocurrencies as payment in its forthcoming auction of street artist Banksy's painting Love is in the Air.
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03.May.21 1:11 AM

Ethereum hits record high amid reports of a 100 million euro digital bond sale

SINGAPORE - Cryptocurrency ether hit a record high on Monday to trade within a whisker of $3,000, extending last week's rally in the wake of a report that the European Investment Bank could launch a digital bond sale on the ethereum blockchain network.
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29.Apr.21 7:40 PM

Cybersecurity experts urge White House to crack down on ransoms

Law enforcement agencies and governments urged the White House to root out safe havens for criminals engaging in ransomware and step up regulation of cryptocurrencies, the lifeblood of hackers, in the hopes of controlling a growing wave of attacks.
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28.Apr.21 1:56 PM

Kebab chef says he will no longer accept cryptocurrency payments

ISTANBUL - Kebab chef Kadir Oner hoped to boost his new business by accepting payment in cryptocurrencies, but a ban by Turkish authorities will force him next month to fall back on payment methods as traditional as his spit-roasted meat.
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28.Apr.21 1:07 PM

Mastercard to launch its first cryptocurrency rewards card

Mastercard has partnered with Gemini, the cryptocurrency platform founded by twin billionaire Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, to create a cryptocurrency card.
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20.Apr.21 7:38 PM

Dogecoin falls after fans use hashtag to fuel rally

The UK New YORK, 20 April 2018 -Dogecoin dropped after hitting an all-time high in a wild session that saw supporters of the token once considered a parody use hashtags to fuel a rally until it lost steam.
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20.Apr.21 12:59 PM

Dogecoin's market value surges on social media day

Tuesday, the valuation of Dogecoin dipped to $54.95 billion after cryptocurrency enthusiasts and even major brands encouraged the commotion around what's been called Noge Day. But Is the better way to describe it?