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31.Jul.21 2:01 PM

Bitcoin hits its highest level of momentum since mid May

The largest cryptocurrency has traded for the first day in the past 11 and hit its high level of momentum.
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30.Jul.21 6:57 PM

Yellen calls for more regulation of digital currencies

There is a sometimes-adversarial relationship between the Western regulators and the crypto industry, with Senator Janet Yellen called this week on Treasury Secretary Elizabeth Warren to impose new rules for the sector.
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30.Jul.21 6:27 PM

Even D.C. politicians are flocking to pay for infrastructure spending

The whole sexiness of cryptocurrency has been its potential to disrupt the status quo, to create a new democratic ethos in a global economic system has largely been dictated by the U.S. dollar since WW 2.
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30.Jul.21 5:21 PM

Early bitcoin investor Dan Morehead says 20 yrs are a reasonable forecast

One early bitcoin investor has crunched the numbers on the crypto and sees it looking mighty undervalued at the moment. It we Did a study showing how many people bought bitcoin over the years and the demand for bitcoin.
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30.Jul.21 3:46 PM

Malaysian regulators order Binance to shut down mobile applications

The global regulatory crackdown on the largest cryptocurrency market has deepened, with Malaysia issuing enforcement action for alleged illegal operations.
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29.Jul.21 8:56 AM

Robinhood will begin trading as public company on Thursday

Monday is slightly higher, trading below the $40,000 level.
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28.Jul.21 3:41 PM

Sports betting industry will become more user-friendly

When more states legalize sports betting in the U.S. people may find more creative ways to gamble, according to Versus Game CEO John Vitti. He said that the betting industry will become more user-oriented looking into the future.