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27.Jul.21 12:26 AM

Oil resume gains despite resurgence in Petrov - 19 infections

Invest as investors bet the global demand recovery will remain intact despite a resurgence in Petrov - 19 leading to tighter restrictions on movement in many regions. Futures were trading near $72 a barrel in New York after dipping on Monday 0.3% to trade.
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26.Jul.21 2:21 PM

Investors are still picking their values for ESG

Interest in environmental, social governance investments has taken off, and there is no sign it s slowing down. And yet, when it comes to choosing assets that align with their values, investors are still relying heavily on brand perception instead of company policies on ESG-related issues.
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26.Jul.21 11:41 AM

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners withdraws $8. 5 B acquisition of Inter Pipeline

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP has terminated its A $8.5 billion agreement to acquire Inter Pipeline Ltd. after Pembina Pipeline Corp raised its hostile bid for the Canadian energy firm.
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24.Jul.21 1:26 PM

The G 20 climate summit in Italy was a 'last chance' to avoid the worst effects of climate change

In the G 20 climate summit in Naples this week, it was hard to overcome a sense of existential dread. Last year, I wrote on the cover of TIME that a series of developments: beginning with the trillions spent to help the world recover from COVID 19 and ending with the billions of developments which have been long hampered progress in Scotland this week?
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23.Jul.21 6:22 PM

Wall Street on track to record high-profile earnings on Friday

Indexes up: Dow 0.68%, S&P 1.00%, Nasdaq 0.99%.
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23.Jul.21 1:16 AM

COVID - 19 - day advance as global demand picks up

Oil held the bulk of a three-day advance to close above $71 a barrel on optimism that rising demand will tighten the global market.
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22.Jul.21 11:17 AM

Tech stocks jump as jobs report hits record highs

Wall Street index futures gained higher on Thursday, with energy and mega-cap technology stocks trading above a new batch of earnings reports and data that allow investors to gauge the pace of the labor market recovery.