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31.Jul.21 10:17 PM

What are U.S. views on Discovery's bid for Britain's state-run broadcaster?

Some are the views of the U.S. - based broadcaster Discovery Inc on Saturday regarding a potential takeover bid for Britain's state owned Channel 4 television broadcaster, The potential bid process is being managed by the UK Government Investments, the paper reported via the UK government Investments, its website.
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31.Jul.21 11:21 AM

Wall Street strategists warn of S&P 500 pullback

A growing chorus of Wall Street strategists is warning that the U.S. stock market is ripe for a pullback as COVID - 19 delta variant spreads across the globe amid the most difficult two-month stretch for investors.
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31.Jul.21 11:01 AM

Scarlett Johansson sues Disney over Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson made headlines on Thursday when she sued Disney over its labelling of Black Widow of Disney and in theaters, citing breach of contract.
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30.Jul.21 8:47 PM

U.S. stocks plunge as Amazon shares drop

Indexes: Dowdown 0.4%, Nasdaq down 0.7%, S&P 500 down 0%.
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30.Jul.21 5:27 PM

Oil product tanker attacked by pirates off Oman's coast

Two crew members were killed when an oil product tanker with links to Israel came under attack off Oman's coast.
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30.Jul.21 12:51 PM

Pence chief of staff: 'Is it really worth the cost?

Former Pence chief of staff Maria had filed a lawsuit against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan, which could lead politicians to support tax hikes in the future on Fox Business Mornings with Marc Short.
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30.Jul.21 12:22 PM

Simone Biles' withdrawal from Olympics could lead to endorsement

After Simone Biles' recent decision to withdraw from the Tokyo Olympics for mental health, experts say that the 24 -year-old gymnast's endorsement potential from big-name advertisers can only grow with time.